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English Information on Globale Seniorer

A Network of seniors who are engaged in European and international cooperation. We use our experiences and commitment to create activities and awareness about international affairs, and we support the possibilities and conditions of seniors in general.

Who are “Globale seniorer”?

“Globale Seniorer” is a network for everyone with experiences and interest in international cooperation. It is for people who have been working with international affairs and who wants to continue their international commitment after an active working life. But it is also for those, who are looking for a platform for their international commitment.

Outlook and commitment

“Globale seniorer” is a network for all with a global outlook and commitment, and our members have many years of different international working experiences – from Denmark, from Europe, and from abroad. Our practical work experiences are different, but the perspectives are the same. We can only understand and change the world, if we see the challenges in a global perspective. This applies both to local and global challenges.

Valuable experiences

More and more people with international experience are stepping down or leaving the labour market in these years. This applies to those with experience of building a new, more peaceful and co-operative Europe. And this applies to those with experience of solidarity work with developing countries, where there is still political repression and exploitation through unequal trading conditions and tax evasion.
“Globale Seniorer” will ensure that these experiences are not spread and lost. We will collect the members’ experiences and bring them into play in new contexts. The “Globale Seniorer” network is a platform for collaboration across generations, and it is also the ambition that we can challenge all age groups to lead an active political life.

The vision of  “Globale Seniorer”

“Globale Seniorer” has a vision of an equal, solidary, and cooperative world. Our mission is to:

  • Contribute to activities that improve conditions for women and men living with oppression, war, poverty, and social distress
  • Create opportunities for seniors to get involved in international cooperation to strengthen global awareness and solidarity.
  • Collect and distribute information in Denmark that may contribute to improved understanding of global conditions.

Included in this mission, “Globale Seniorer” works to strengthen the rights of the elderly globally.
“Globale Seniorer” emphasizes that to obtain the mission we will participate in broad cooperation with other organizations and institutions, both in the international area and in the elderly context.

The values of “Globale Seniorer”

The values of “Globale Seniorer” are based on the European Convention on Human Rights, the two UN conventions on civil/political and economic/cultural/social rights and the European Charter on Basic Human Rights.


“Globale Seniorer” is a collective member of the Forum for International Cooperation (FIC) and through that, a member of Solidar. We are also a member of Global Focus and a member of Help Age International.

Thematic Study Groups and Action Groups

Sustainable De-velopment Goals

The SDG Group initiates  and facilitates discussions on  varies issues related to the implementation of the goals.


The Globalization Group promotes understanding of the possibilities of globalization,
and the need for international and legal regulation

Middle East Countries

The group’s activities relate to key issues in the region, the colonial history and the background of conflicts in the region.

Internat. Law & Human Rights

The group promotes knowledge and support of international law, human rights and the rule of law.

Policy of Elderly People

Global Seniors’ policy group is concerned with the conditions and rights of the elderly people in Denmark and globally.

Meeting People of Europe

The group wants a Europe that works together and it tries to understand the local history, the cultures and peoples involved.

The group explores the politics of the global actors in the arctic area. Further, the group follows the Greenlandish and Danish actions and interactions in the area.

Contact Information

Address: Globale Seniorer, c/c FIC Ramsingsvej 30, DK-2500 Valby


Chairwoman: Nina Ilona Ellinger.


Tlf: +45 25 75 11 35